Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Soiree Day-The Gift Wrapping Party

Over the weekend I attended the 1st Christmas party of the season.  On Friday I wrapped the two gifts that I would need on Saturday and put them under the tree while Lil' Hunkie was napping. Well when he woke up and saw those gifts he wanted to open them....he cried and cried and cried to open them! So guess what I'll be doing Christmas Eve? Having a party! A gift wrapping party! Ha! Well not like the fun parties I found to share since I'll be the hostess and only guest. But wouldn't it be fun to have a gift wrapping party? I sure think so!

{Please click on title to see entire party and to pin from the original source!}

They all look fun to me!! 

Happy Soiree Day!

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Emily said...

This is such a fun idea! I will surely do this next year. Makes gift wrapping so much more fun when you share it with other people. Happy holidays!