Thursday, December 6, 2012

{DIY} Swap Christmas Ornaments

As you know, I joined forces with 2 other awesome bloggers for my first swap. Partners should be getting ornaments this week! Wanted to share the ones I made, they are all really simple so I don't have any step by step pictures.  My partner likes making tags so I used that as inspiration!

I left these tags natural and added the white scrapbook tags. I then glued on 'scatter' or confetti, if you will...the tree and poinsettia.  Then glued that to the kraft tag.  Finally I took a unfolded paper clip and dipped it into Mod Podge to fill in the holes and sprinkled red glitter on. And done!  These most certainly can be used as gift tags, which ever the receivers (my hosts ☺) like!

For this tag I Mod Podged on Christmas scrapbook paper. Glued on the tree and "Merry Christmas" on one side and the other made a jeweled 'wreath'. 

This is a chip board letter! Again Mod Podged paper and then red glitter on the edges.  Made a Christmas Eve tag and tied it to the loop, which I used a thumb tack to attach to the back of the letter.

This cut out is from Pick Your Plum! It came with some Valentine words I ordered earlier this year. Again Mod Podged paper and glitter on and then glued down some green flowers, also from Pick Your Plum.  I really like how it turned out! Actually how they all turned out! 

Easy and fun to make!!
Can't wait to see how the swaps go!!

Happy Thursday!

{See my Link Parties Page for where I'll share!}

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