Monday, December 3, 2012

{Sharing} Simple Tree Decorating Tips

2012 Christmas Tree

It dawned on me that I have a little bit of knowledge about decorating Christmas trees that I haven't yet shared.  After all, I was a Home Manager for Dillard's a few years and then spent a few years at Rathbone's, a locally owned store in Tulsa who specialized in Christmas trees and decorations. (Besides being a flower and gift shop!)  And let me just tell you, I have put lights on my fair share of trees! Rathbone's rule of thumb when it came to how many lights...100 lights per foot. Yes! It's work but turns out so, so pretty.  Now these tips are from my retail experience and are to be used as simple, fun tips.  I'm not telling you what to do, please decorate what suits you and your family best.  I like having somewhat of a themed sister...she has what I call a classic, traditional tree....multi-colored lights and tons and tons of memory based ornaments; meaning all the ones her kids have made through the years and ones that have been given traditionally by moms and grandmas, friends, etc. And it's beautiful!  And I have those on my tree too!  
This year's tree is same as last year's so I'm using 2011 photos as visual aids.
Now let's get started!

The Triangle:

Just like in decorating where it's visually pleasing to do groups of 3s, so it is when tree decorating!
Becky Rathbone herself taught me this tip. Using flowers or bows, make a triangle (see pic), starting at almost the top of the tree on the front. And when you make your first triangle then others can be made off of it all  around the tree. This ensures that there's plenty of space between them. 
I always start with this first and then move to fillers. 


Use solid colored ornaments to fill in 'holes'.  Anywhere you can see the trunk of the tree needs to be filled in. By using all the plain ornaments this leaves room on the outside edges for all your special ornaments and so they don't get hidden.  Also netting, garland, and ribbon can be used too. As well as fabric! Take one end and tuck in towards the trunk and then go around and while working your way around tuck periodically.  

Finishing Touches:

When I was growing up we always had the shiny icicles that we added last.  A finishing touch is anything that adds extra sparkle or pizzazz! I've used silver curly q twigs at the top.  Another finishing touch would be feathers on a bird themed tree. 

So what are tips for tree decorating?  I'd love to hear some new ones!!
And if you haven't done so yet, Happy Tree Decorating!

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Emily said...

Very informative post! Thanks for sharing your expertise. Happy holidays to you and yours :)