Friday, February 3, 2012

Chic Couture-Red Lips For My Valentine

If you're like me, you do not wear red lipstick regularly.  Maybe not even at all.  I've found myself in a pale lipstick rut and have seen a few of my blogging buddies rockin' a red lip lately.  So what better time then Valentine's Day to branch out and have some fun!
Here's some choices I'm thinking about...

Russian Red

Brave Red

The trick is finding one that is blue based.  According to makeup artist Carmindy this is how to determine what's good for your skin tone..."Fair-skinned women should look for shades with blue undertones, like cherry. Medium-skinned women should look for true reds -- apple or fire engine. Darker-skinned women should look for darker "blood-red" shades like garnet or sangria."
Blue based choices are also great at making your teeth look white.  
My friend Natalia of Ma Nouvelle Mode has the cutest, creative video on how to wear bold lips that you should totally check out!  Go HERE!

And finally here's some of my all time favorite red lipped ladies!

So will you be joining me in turning our lips red for a day?

Happy Friday!!

Since preparing this post I purchased the Maybelline Red Revolution and on my first day of wearing it got 2 compliments! I should have tried this out much sooner!! And fyi Natalia is wearing Very Cherry by Maybelline in her video which I almost purchased.  Think I will as it seems red to me and the Red Revolution is almost a hot pink. 
For your amusement...

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Natalia Lynn said...

Love it! Can't wait to see you try the very cherry! And those MAC choices are excellent, also Ruby Woo is great. That's my next purchase from MAC. Thanks for the link back!

Natalia Lynn said...

Oh and I wouldn't mind if you shared the video here. Totally don't have to, but I know you would link it back, so not a probably if you wanted to! It's on my youtube page!

Oshi said...

Hi! first of all, I think you look very good with red lips! :)
second, I'm those kind of girl who don't like wearing red lipstick because of talking...ahahahah, I talk A LOT and I hate when my lipstick disappears in a few minutes! ahahah!
So I purchased one long-lasting lipstick, those of ones with you can even survive at world end and still having red lips! XD
ok, this was my choice about what type of lipstick choose...

In your post I like MAC russian red, because mac has really good quality lipstick and if their reds are amazing like the nude...MAC FOR LIFE!:D

did I mention that I talk a lot? ahahahah Hope you enjoy my long comment :):)

kisses from Italy!

The pink box:

Brycie @ Reenie Jae Creations said...

Jennifer, you looking SMOKIN' with red lips! Love it! What a fun post! I love to do red but they always end up looking HOT PINK! I need to try some MAC lipsticks and liners!