Thursday, February 2, 2012

{Guest Series} The Best of Me-The ArtsyGirl Connection

Welcome to the 4th The Best of Me series guest!!

Happiest Of New Year's Friends... I am Super EXCITED to have an opportunity to be
sharing with you today from my space next door via The ArtsyGirl Connection.
I am Marilyn, the heart and creator of The
 ArtsyGirl Connection and really thankful 
to be a guest here at Jennifer's
INCREDIBLY Creative and
Inspirational Space 'Vintage
Gwen'.. I am proud to be a sponsor
here and very excited to get to know
you all and more than thankful to Jen
for sharing me with you lovely guys!
I'm a mother to two beautiful mini Moon's,
 engaged to my very best friend, craft
addict, pixel lover, upcycling junkie and a
 DIY trial and error chef in my own world!!
I love indulging in creative outlets from
crafting to enhancing our home over the
season's and creating unique items for my children.
I craft for cause and totally light up at any opportunity to help bring awareness where needed to various issues close to my heart.  I will LOVE to get to know you all and an opportunity to indulge in more future blog shenanigans sometime.. Hope you can all stop in and say hello..
*Driftwood Spray Paint Bottle Decor*
 I  U P C Y C L E D {With Style}

Have you been upcycling..? I have.. I've been trying to find ways to kill that 
annoying sensation of throwing things out or simply recycling when I can "Upcycle"
into better trinkets and goodies to jazz up the house.. Well, I've been up to just that lately
and it's been really awesome creating fun and creative touches to add to our home. What do
you think..? These bottles are actually champagne and wine bottles I upcycled to add
festive fall touches to my bedroom dresser!!❤ Wanna Create Your Own..?
Here's how below.. So easy, stylish and GREEN!!
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*Artsy Items Needed*
*Glue Gun
*Driftwood - YES! I LOVE Driftwood!!
{Go out back and grab LOTS of funky driftwood!}
*Some ❤ Krylon {White Krylon Spray Paint}
{flower if you prefer, these where left over from a party}
*How To*
To begin, I simply spray painted the bottles I had for use. Spray paint white until
you have a satisfactory texture. I used two coats. After drying, I gathered up some
driftwood from the back yard. I tried to collect some funky dried ones with little
branches and character. Once you have the driftwood you need, simply glue on
the wood in a creative form to get the look you want. {Yes, it's really that simple!}.
. . . . . . . . . . .
After gluing on my driftwood, I wanted to add a hint of girlish feel to the bottles. so I
grabbed an off white flower and some dried babies breath to add some clean and classic
look to my bottles. Use a bit of glue to place the flowers where you will like them
 to go along with the flow of your now upcycled driftwood bottles! TADAA!
SO  D A R L I N G ..I {Heart} ❤ Them!!
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I came up with this idea on a wimp trying to figure out what to do with ALL
the bottles we have piled up! The is SO much to do with a little bit of nature and
what you might consider "trash" around your home. Before you dump anything
out, take a second and think of creative ways to go green by Upcyling in style!!
Really hope you enjoyed my simple and fun tutorial here today! These beauties
are now on my dresser and look so stylish! I tend to think I could really see these
featured in a Pottery Barn magazine..:))~  RE-CREATE Always!!
Thanks SO much for having me today. Sincerest of appreciation..
 Wishing you all a lovely and very amazing day.
You can find me via my blog The ArtsyGirl Connection ...
~Stay Artsy~

Love it!  I really admire Marilyn and her upcyling and crafting for causes.
And she's a great link party partner too!!
Make sure and check her out and join in on all her creativeness!

Happy Thursday!


LoriLynn said...

This is an absolutely gorgeous idea!!!!!! I'm totally putting this onto my to-do list!

Myric said...

What a creative idea Marilyn! Stunning! LOVE IT!


Marilyn said...

Thanks SO much for featuring me again Jenn, I absolutely am very thankful for this wonderful opportunity.. You are awesome and I enjoyed being here.. THANK YOU Myric and LoriLynn, sincerely appreciate the wonderful comments.. : ) ) THANKS again.. Wishing you all a perfect weekend ahead.. xoxo.. ~M

Lindsay said...

Oh, now this is just too creative! I LOVE driftwood, so this is perfect for me! Great post!

Betsy Pool said...

These are so adorable!! I do have some extra bottles lying around...

Thanks for sharing! I'm going to check out what other projects you have on your website.