Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Show and Tell-Cake Rings

Have you ever seen cake rings like these?

Well a couple years ago I saw some cute little cakes in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and they had used cake rings to make them.  These rings are ideal for coffee cakes. I've been searching and searching for the coffee cake recipe that my sis and I used to make when we were younger.  Until I can find it I made these....

Filled with 3 ice cream scoops, though I think 2 would be ok.

The sugar critters came from Etsy, they were left over from Lil Hunkie's birthday.  I made these for Big Hunkie's 30th birthday....chocolate cake with white frosting is his favorite.  He didn't mind the critters!

Check out Sur La Table, that's where I got the rings.  Be careful though, they have some cool stuff!!

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Kitty B said...

Such a neat idea! I've never seen cake rings like that before....I must buy some!!!

Anonymous said...

I was looking at your post, and I saw the pictures of the cake rings, and then the baked cake in them, and I'm thinkin, "how in the world would you go about decorating something like that." Then I scrolled down to the next picture, and fell in love with those cakes!!! The way you've got the critters on top is so cute!!! I absolutely love it!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Kitty! There are all kinds of sizes!
And thanks Rita Jean! I thought about putting icing on the sides but decided to be lazy!
Thanks for stopping by girls!! said...

Those are very unique and that's why I love them. I love the critters too although I am surprised they went over with your hunkie - mine would object - but they are adorable!
thanks for sharing!
I found you via whipperberry.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by Sue!!