Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Show and Tell-The Babycakes Shop!

I discovered the Babycakes Shop today and well, got a little excited!  I own a Babycakes maker...used it for my deconstructed mini cupcakes but there is also a cake pop maker and a whoopie pie maker!! I've been wanting to try and make whoopie pies!!  Besides the new weekly feature Soiree Day, I'll be starting a Fav Friday in which I'll share some favorite, fun things I've seen through out the week but I couldn't wait till Friday to share this!  Just look at the cuteness!!

Cake Pops Maker

Cake Pop Maker


Whoopie Pie Maker


And this little guy, Donut Maker!!!

Check out their website, The Babycakes Shop!

Photos courtesy of The Babycakes Shop


Natalia Lynn said...

super cute!! And they look yummy too. I always love little snacks like that. I'll have to check it out. I have a yummy recipe for something called cake truffles. Yummy!

Jennifer said...

Mmmm cake truffles!! I wonder if that's the same as cake balls?

buttercup said...

Hi Jennifer!!
My name is Karen and I too have a Babycakes cupcake maker - well two actually!! I love it so much I launched a blog called Snackgrila ( It's all about my recipes I make with my Babycakes cupcake maker. I love your deconstructed cupcake!! So cute!!
I too found out about the Babycakes website last week. I am buying the cakepop maker this week (they have all of them at Kohls). I'll probably buy all of them. I'm
addicted!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Karen! Girl thanks for the Kohl's tip...think I'll need to go shopping now! They're so unique and cute that's why I love them! I've made pecan pies and mushroom bites besides cupcakes. I've heard they're coming out with a cookbook soon! Checking your blog out now!

buttercup said...

Ooo.. Mushroom bites??? Sounds great!!
I made mini pumpkin and cherry pies for thanksgiving!!
Love! It!!! A cook book? OMG!! Thanks for becoming a follower!!