Monday, November 7, 2016

November Photo A Week Challenge

Ya'll!! I have no idea where fall is!!
Here in Oklahoma it is just now cooler....I wore flip flops all October!
There were a few days where my hopes were up but then it would be 80 degrees the next day!!
It wouldn't surprise me if we skipped fall and went straight to winter!
Time will tell, time will tell.

Here's October's snaps....

week 1...foliage....the good news is, the yard is looking fall!
week Secret Sister loaded me up in the cozy drink department!
week 3.......pumpkin....white for the win!
week 4....candy......we collected more candy this year than any other.....thankfully we aren't being pigs but I am a little tired of it taking up counter space!

Simply take a photo inspired by the  prompt, interpret the prompt how you like. Then share on Instagram with #VGphotoaweek. Please use new photos that you take. Please do not use anyone else's photo...this is about you and your pictures. Or you can create a image for the prompt, but it must be something you create.  Post one or many photos per week!
This is how I'll be breaking the weeks up:

Week 1:  Nov 1-6
Week 2:  Nov 7-13
Week 3: Nov 14-20
Week 4: Nov 21-30

Hope you'll join me!
Happy November! 

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