Thursday, September 24, 2015

40th My Favorite Things Party

Happy Friday!! Been meaning to share my birthday party so here I am!
This year was a milestone for me...the big 40! And I'm still having a hard time believing that's my age!  I wanted to celebrate how I wanted to and gave myself a party.  Since I'm a big girl now that is most definitely allowed!! I'd been wanting to have a My Favorite Things party and this was the perfect time for the maiden voyage! And let me just tell was so much fun!

I went gold!!
I made an invitation that I just texted out, some signs, and a tag and coordinated them all.  I then found a Printable Gold Banner by Somewhat Simple and printed out the letters to spell FORTY for my mantle. I found the "40 can kiss it" with Hershey's kisses idea on Pinterest.


8x10 Sign

4x6 Sign

Gift Tag

The sequin graphic I found on Canva. And then I used PicMonkey to add text, etc. 
Feel free to use the signs and tag but for personal use only please. 

I made all of my favorite party foods! Even the cake!

Fav Veggie Dip & veggies
Herbed Tomato & Mozzarella with Crackers
Bacon Wrapped Dates
Red Onion Chutney with Goat Cheese Crostini

Carrot Cake

Cranberry and Ginger Ale Punch

I found some gold chipboard letters at Hobby Lobby to use as a cake topper. My friend frosted the cake and added gold icing dots for me! Used only gold and white dishes and sprinkled the table with gold and silver big confetti. Oh and fresh hydrangeas! 

My Favorite Things
I took inspiration from a few by Java Cupcake and one by Shannon Finds Joy.
After eating we played a 'my favorite.....' game (printable here).
I guess it's like Scattergories ( I've never played!), you have everyone answer what their fav food, fav vacation spot, fav websites, etc and then go over answers and the person with the most unique answers is the winner.  I prepared 2 prizes and had 2 winners!  Then it was time to exchange our favorite things! I had everyone bring 5 of one item no more than $5 of value.  I had everyone write their name 5 times and put them in a bowl. Then each lady chose 5 different names, making sure not to get their own name or duplicate any name. We had a total of 9 ladies so at the end of drawing names we had to do some rearranging of names to get it just right.  Next, one by one we told why our item was our favorite and then gave them to the ladies who we had drawn names. Prior to the party I asked everyone to give my their favorite nickname.  I then made everyone a tote with that name in glitter so they'd have something to tote their goodies home in!

I gave a $3 gold striped plastic tumbler perfect for iced coffee! 
The items above are what I brush, lip gloss, frame & seashell, makeup wipes, and a visor scent clip.  Others items were post it notes, chap stick, & orange slices.
Everyone loved their bags and what they got! And it was so much fun hearing why the item was a favorite!
I attached the tag that said 'you are my favorite' to every bag....I wanted my friends to know they were my favorites too!

I really think this is the way to celebrate a birthday!! I mean yes, you can totally do this any time but for someone who talks the love language of giving, I loved seeing my friends receive! That was the best gift ever!!

So if you've been thinking about having a My Favorite Things party then just
doooo it!!!

Have a Happy Day!

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Wynne Prasetyo said...

cute! it's been a while since i came across a gold themed decoration that i love, until now. you did a great job!