Friday, February 20, 2015

Chic Couture-February Beauty Boxes

Oh lovelies! 
February was a goooood beauty box month!!  
Finally I got a pink lip product in my Ipsy bag!!  And extra goodies from Julep!

I went with the Modern Beauty box and got the Glow Highlighter and Illume Eye Brightener. I added on the heart nail stickers and got the new 'Valentine' polish Hartleigh from Jane Park for free.  And then they sent me 5 extra Hartleigh's to share which I'm still in the process of doing!
I like the highlighter, it isn't shimmery at all.  The eye brightener I'm having a little bit of trouble deciding if I like it or not.  My eye area is a problem so I can't tell if it's brightening them up or not! And Hartleigh is pretty fun!
Here's my Valentine mani using Hartleigh....

Margit (mushroom with rose shimmer), Shari (sweet pea pink under Hartleigh) and Cara (cranberry frost)

March's Maven selections include lipsticks which I'm excited about!!

Yay for Ipsy!! This was a good bag for me! I haven't used the Glam Glow eye treatment yet but will soon and that sparkly nail polish is happening this weekend!
The lip stain is a pretty color and the formula is interesting, not in a bad way for me.  It's not thick at all like you might think something that says 'creamy' might would be. It was actually kinda light and the color lasted fairly long.  
I got the peach bellini shade of cheek color and like that it's not's more glowy.  And the Demeter perfume oil is a lovely scent!  So, so happy with this bag!

Hope your beauty box month was good too!!

Want to sign up for either of these subscriptions? Use the links below!

Julep     Ipsy

Happy Friday!!

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Pitter and Glink said...

Oooo! I love all the goodies you got in the mail!!! Your manicure is fab! I have been thinking about switching from Birchbox to Ipsy. Your post makes me want to even more. ;)