Sunday, January 11, 2015

{Sharing} One Word 2015

A simple new year practice I've been doing the last couple of years is choosing one word to guide me through the year. And for about the second time now, nothing was standing out to me.  Last year was 'more' as in more of Him and less of me.  The Lord has chosen this time to softly drop 'less' in my spirit. The more I questioned, the more it seemed I heard 'less' quietly as ever. You see I feel like I achieved more of Him but did I really get rid of less of me? Less worry, less feeling like I fail as a mom, as a wife? Not really. So I'm thinking that as I work on less in 2015, the result will be that I didn't have to work at more of Him at all, it will just be so. 
I truly believe 2015 is going to be a big year. And I've got to be in tune so I don't miss a thing!!
How about you?

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Sami said...

I love the idea of choosing a word! I might have to try this