Sunday, January 5, 2014

{Sharing} One Word 2014

Last year was my first year of choosing one word to guide me through the year.  
I kept seeing several people share theirs for this year on Instagram and began thinking about doing this exercise again.  I admit, I was feeling a little blue because nothing was coming to me.  Maybe it is the fact that I don't feel a complete success with living unhindered for God the entire year.  Looking back though, I'm sure God doesn't see it the same as me.  And remembering the outstanding encounter I had with Him on our ladies retreat....well that event alone I was completely unhindered for Him. But since that retreat I've felt dry. But I've also felt like God was teaching me unhindered trust in Him in a dry season.  A dry season is not the absence of God or His Spirit or Him accomplishing things on our behalf. It is the 'are you going to truly believe He is with you at all times' season. And I believe He is.  Still I was a little worried there would be no word from the Lord for 2014.  But I was gladly wrong!
Yesterday morning I was cleaning the kitchen.  Cleaning house is more enjoyable with your favorite music on in my opinion so I had Hillsong's Glorious Ruins playing. My favorite song came on...To Be Like You...while wiping the microwave and out of the blue my eyes filled with tears and a lump came to my throat and dropped in my spirit was the word 'more'.  And right there, doing nothing special, God sweetly showed up.
   More of Him and so much less of me. 
And so, today my church is staring it's annual 21 day fast. I'm thankful to have my word to focus on during this time! Among certain foods, I'll be fasting Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I'll still be here blogging.  I'm excited to start 2014 this way! Do you have a word?
And here, be blessed with this......


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