Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chic Couture-November Beauty Boxes

Time to share November's beauty boxes! Man it comes around quick!

I stuck with Classic with a Twist and got Devon and Shari.  Shari is a great pinkie nude neutral! And Devon has a microshimmer in it but I can't tell it when it's on my nails, still a pretty grey shade just wished that shimmer shined! And then there's the Go Big mascara which I got all excited for. First, I guess it wasn't ready to be put with the polish so they shipped it separately and I got it like 2 weeks after the polish.  But they did give me some Jules for it's late arrival. And second, I'm not really impressed with the formula.  I mean if the name has the word 'big' in it then I guess I was expecting BIG and got not so big.  I might have too high expectations of mascara.  I usually wear two different formulas at a time to barely look like I have lashes!! And I haven't gotten in the habit of wearing falsies mainly because I have to wear glasses! Oh well, the search continues.....

Pretty good bag once more from Ipsy.  I did look in my Glam Room before I got my bag and was kinda disappointed in the eye base, shade of the lip stain and the hairspray. I took the eye base to mean primer and well I'm an Urban Decay Primer Potion die hard. Seems like I always get red shades of lip products and I have done my reviews and rejected red!! I need some pretty pinks that are not light or neutrals!! Or how about a peach? Plus it seemed realllllly dark! And then I'm not sure if me and moroccan oil get along and that's what I thought the hairspray is but it says argan oil. Which I googled and they are not the same thing. So! Nevertheless, I have tried all the products except the hairspray and was pleasantly surprised!! I've been using the eye base over my primer and then putting metallic shades on top and it makes them pop so I really like it!! The lip stain turned out to be a pretty shade of red and I love the eyeliner and the highlighter was ok. (I love The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer highlighter!)

As always, this is fun stuff for me!

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Happy Weekend lovelies!

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