Thursday, June 5, 2014

Easy Bandana Garden Flag

The last garden flag I had out was an Easter one,  so I wanted to craft a fun summery one.
I dug through my fabric and found some bandanas and thought why not? Pink is my favorite color!
To keep this easy I didn't cut on the bandana at all!

I 'measured' using a store bought flag and centered it up. I then measured the sides making sure there was 4 1/2 inches on both sides. Next I folded the sides in and ironed and then folded the top down and ironed. If you use an iron on your folds, most times you don't need straight pins! Then I sewed the top where there was thread already, just straight across, this makes the opening for you to slide onto your flag pole. Then I sewed the sides along the thread too. So there are two thread lines running down the center of the flag.
I didn't have a hot pink thread, I just used what was on my machine! Finally, I sewed across the very bottom and done! It is a little longer then my store bought one so if you want to shorten it just fold it up, iron and sew!

So the sun was shining a bit when I was working on probably only took me 15-20 minutes and while working it started to rain,oh for about 5 minutes.  That's why the porch is wet and got the bottom of the flag wet while I was putting it on my pole! I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow too so that's why I didn't wait for better weather! Still a cute flag, rain or not!! And easy and thrifty! Ha!

Happy Thursday!

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