Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mother's Day Mantle

Well I just now took down my Easter decor.  It took me this long because I was indecisive about what to do on my mantle.  No spring ideas were coming to me and then I had a light bulb go off....Mother's Day.  
I have a Home Interior print that I bought way back when to use when I got married.  Well it doesn't really go with my bedroom decor and I have a hallway area that I've not gotten to decorating yet so it's perfect for Mother's Day!  I pulled pictures from my bedroom and den and framed a few.  And then used a few other things I have so $0 cost for this!! (I love saying that!)

Probably the most famous mother/daughter duo in the Bible is Ruth and Naomi.  Ruth had married Naomi's son but both he and his brother died.  Naomi wanted to move to Judah and so told her daughter in laws to go back to their families.  But Ruth refused.  Her words are often used in weddings and a good promise to remember in marriages.  But their original form was for a daughter/mother in law relationship.  Fascinating that the bible is crystal clear the attitude we should have towards our mother in law!!

Just to bring out some of the colors in the print I found some scrapbook scraps, cut them to size and added some vintage clip on earrings. 

Finally I made some coffee filter flowers! So easy! There's all kinds of tutorials pinned. 
There's photos of both my grandmothers, my mom when she was a baby and then one of us on my wedding day.  A photo of my mother in law holding Lil' Hunkie when he was born and then one of me when pregnant. I couldn't forget my sister and sister in law who are both wonderful aunts. Finally I found a generation photo I had packed away of me, my sis, mom and my niece...the only niece we have! It's jammed packed but that's how I wanted it!!

Happy Thursday!

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PJH Designs


PJH Designs said...

Hi Jennifer,

I love your mantle. Everything is so pretty. I especially like the coffee filter flowers and the notes with the earrings. You should share this at Transformed Tuesday.

Peggy~PJH Designs

Betsy Pool said...

This mantle looks great - love all the individual elements. Love what you did with the scrapbook scraps! Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!