Thursday, September 13, 2012

{Home} DIY Closet With Sheets From The Ceiling

Today's post is not pretty.  There's nothing glamorous about what I'm going to share.  
It's just my solution to lack of closet space.  Our house was built in 1975 and even though it's been totally upgraded on fixtures, flooring, etc. it still lacks closet space in the master bedroom.  
{My dream some day would be to add a master suite complete with a spacious closet and true master bath! Someday....}
I'm used to not sharing a closet with my husband and while there is a 3rd bedroom's closet I could use I still need more space!  So with the help of one of my best friends and my good ole' dad I gave myself some breathing room!

See that sheet? There's 3 of them that extend to the opposite wall!
This room is our den/office/music room and now closet/storage space!
It's not all the way done, I still need more shelving....
Here's a before...actually right before we hung the hardware from the ceiling!
 Ahem...can you tell that someone was playing with easter eggs? And boxes? And cords?

What I used:
2 10 ft electrical conduit poles 
{can't remember the specific price but they were less than $1.50 a piece!}
5 Universal Brackets
1 coupler
3 Queen size sheets
About 4 packs of drapery rings
{had some already}
Estimate of cost:  $125

Then added a $90 Closetmaid closet kit and a $80 dresser! 

My dad did all the hanging of hardware....yes he used a pencil!  He did have to trim the poles but only by a few inches. We put a bracket in the middle of the ceiling.  Then measured each side, found the middle and added another on each side making 3 total. Then finished by putting a bracket at each end...basically by each wall for 5 total.  Then my friend came and helped me hang the sheets.  Again starting with the center of each sheet she was able to evenly space the drapery rings, using 9 per sheet.  

Dresser holds my socks, scarves and comfy, lounge clothes.  I have all my sweaters in a grey tote.  I still need to make room for shoes and purses on the right side after adding more shelving.

See? It isn't pretty but look at the space!  
It gives me the space I need without spending a wad or involving lots of construction!
This room still needs work besides finishing off the closet...I have plans for a comfy chair and side table.  And the love seat needs a slipcover!  I've kinda taken a break on general home decorating right now though, since the holidays are coming...Lil' Hunkie has already been talking about a Christmas tree!
And I have no idea where to put one!

Happy Thursday!

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