Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY Family Sign Using PicMonkey

One home decor trend that I'm loving right now is the gallery wall.  Did you see mine?  When I started gathering up things to go with what I had already I knew I wanted a Family Established sign of some kind.  So I played around in PicMonkey and this is what I came up with!


Let's get started!

Step 1:  open PicMonkey and choose the make a collage square, it will take you to this screen.  Resize the collage to 500 x 700 so it will be the photo size 5 x 7.  You will have to unhighlight the lock graphic. Hit enter.

And it will adjust the collage to the 5 x 7.  Hit save and name it whatever you'd like....blank5x7 for example. Click on the X in the upper right hand corner to go back to the main screen.

Step 2:  click on the edit a photo square.  It will bring up your pictures, find your blank 5 x 7 and upload it, it will take you to the above screen.  

Step 3:  click on the "P" to go to Text. Choose your preferred font and add your last name.  Simply click on it to move it where you'd like.

Step 4:  add another text box with "est. year you were married" or became a family.  Again, move where you'd like.  

Step 5:  click on the Overlays icons, it's under the P, and choose the Floral section. Choose the one you like and add between your text boxes.

Step 6:  now click on the Textures icon, it's the very bottom one, and go to the Papyrus section.  Or choose what ever texture you'd like, it's basically a background.  Hit save! You're done! Print it out and frame it!
Note:  you can print this like a photo where ever you do your printing! Just make sure and do it as a 5 x 7 or smaller. 

I had the frame was an antique gold and I simply painted it black to match the rest of my frames! So if you're like me and have extra frames around then this can be a zero cost project!
And here is my gallery wall....

Happy Thursday!!

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Unknown said...

Great idea! I love PicMonkey!

Pitter and Glink said...

Great tutorial!

Marisa said...

Love the way it turned out. I will definitely make one. Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, how simple yet creative. I can't wait to make one or more :) of these.

Betsy Pool said...

Love this! I've enjoyed PicMonkey. I also use ipiccy. Thanks for linking up at Take it on Tuesday!

Katie Drane said...

I'm so glad that I'm following you! Love this idea and thanks for showing how you did it, that helps:)


Lauren @ mercy(INK) said...

I've never used picmonkey before... looks great! will have to try :)
thanks for sharing with our link party, friend!


Paula said...

Thanks for linking up at The REAL Housewives of Riverton! We featured you!

Kelley @ said...

Ohh.. what a great idea! I love picmonkey but never thought to do something fun like this! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Ps.. Im featuring this tomorrow at my link party! :)