Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vintage Gwen Chapel- Oh Jonah!

Recap of Jonah 1 & 2

Don't you just love the story of Jonah? I sure do!
First of all, did you see the map that She Reads Truth shared? Wow! I mean WOW!
Looky here...

This puts it in perspective doesn't? And by "it" I mean that no matter where we go, where we try to hide....God is there. Even if there wasn't a storm on the way to Tarshish I truly believe God would have showed up in Tarshish! Man I'm thankful He pursued Jonah! Proof He pursues us!

Second of all, did you notice God work on the men on the boat? 
Amazing that in the middle of a storm, in the middle of what Jonah was not supposed to be doing that lives were still turned toward the Lord! See verse 16 of chapter 1....
"Then the men feared the Lord exceedingly, and they offered a sacrifice to the Lord and made vows."

And lastly, I'm sure you can relate to where we find Jonah in chapter the deepest, darkest place he's ever been. I recently heard a mother tell her story of losing her 3 year old daughter call this place a black hole. I've had my share of black holes...not many thankfully but I've felt helpless. So Jonah prays. God hears cause He's in the hearing business and out comes Jonah from his black hole. And he knows he's still got to go. And that's the importance of coming out of a black hole....that we go forward....away from the dark.  Action must be done, there's no point in camping on the edge of the black hole! 

Be blessed lovelies!!

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Daisy said...

Gwen! So great that you point out these truths! Especially the lives that we touch in the middle of our storm and how he still uses us to show himself to them!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Daisy!! We touch other's lives when we don't even know I think more than we know! Hope that made sense!!