Thursday, December 12, 2013

Easy Frame Makeover

Can you believe that it might be about 10 years that I've had this snowman Christmas poster? And that I'm just now framing it!!?  In my defense it is not a common size!....11x17 to be exact.  ( I say not common because I found the frame under the 'miscellaneous sizes' section at Hobby!) I never could decide what kind of frame I wanted or if I wanted to try and do a crafty type frame. So a quick frame it was.  And then maybe next year I'd paint it.  Well then I had a thought! (I know a little dangerous!☺)
Glitter tape!
Thanks Target $1 Spot!!


and after in about 5 minutes!!...

So easy!
Now....I need to see what else needs a little sparkle!
Happy Thursday lovelies!!

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