Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vintage Gwen Chapel-Learning From Burnt Mac & Cheese

You know how when you're not feeling well, your mind just isn't all there sometimes?  Well this happened to me yesterday.  I've been fighting allergies this past week and yesterday was a day I'm thankful is in the past.  Lil' Hunkie woke up at 5:30 am and was just into everything.  It was just one of those days. 

 Lil' Hunkie is a picky eater and one of the things he'll eat is mac and cheese.  So we buy the individual cups to make things easier.  That's what he wanted for dinner. So I get one out of the cabinet, pull the plastic off, take the cheese packet out and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes.  I go to the bathroom and come's still cooking but I immediately smell something burning and look over and sure enough....smoke coming from the microwave! I rushed over and opened the door to find the cup melting.  The kitchen filled with burnt smoke...I open the window and start to fan the door that goes into the sun room while choking.  I even got the box fan from our bedroom and pointed it towards the doorway to the sun room to try and help! The house still smells!
My first thought....what did Kraft do to this particular package?
I even took photos thinking "they've got to see this!"
I got a knife out and poked at the burnt mass of macaroni.
Slowly it started to come to me....I forgot to put water in it!
I have made mac and cheese this way for Lil' Hunkie for quite sometime now.  How could I have missed putting the water in?  It was just one of those days.
Then I thought....that's how I would look if I didn't have the Holy Spirit.  If I didn't have God.
Dry. Burnt. Smelly.

God refers to Himself in Jeremiah 2:13 as the "spring of living water".
He is the water that my spirit needs.  I can't be what He's called me to be without it, just like macaroni can't be eaten without first being cooked in water. 
Then I great of me to immediately put the blame on someone else.  Why was that one of the first things I thought? I'm a little ashamed that I did. It's because it was a dry day spiritually for me, I was operating without the 'spring of living water'.  
And now I know more than ever the importance of water to macaroni. And more importantly,
 the importance of Living Water to my spirit.

Be blessed today.



Kelsey said...

Haha aww this is too funny! But I love the positive spin you put on it and turned it into a reminder that we all need sometimes!

Unknown said...

Very touching story and so true! I love how you intertwined the burnt macaroni to us without the holy spirit. I'll always have that visual when I'm making mac and cheese now. Thank you for sharing. It blessed my soul. Jamie

Lauren @ mercy(INK) said...

Oh man, I'm so with you on all of this: the staple mac n' cheese dinner, the "not all there" state when you're feeling sick/tired, the being quick to blame someone else... been there on all of 'em way too often! but amen that when we're burnt macaroni, He is Living Water to our parched souls! amen, girl!
thanks so much for sharing at Hearts&Homes link up at !